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Minimal String Ensemble 

These lessons will give you the fundamental music theories and techniques you need to succeed in playing with others. All of these in a straightforward and easy way to understand, adjusted to every level. 

During our bimonthly lessons we are (of course!) going to focus in the repertoire of minimal music from 1968 until nowadays. Even though this style is inside the classical music frame, it has recently raeached a wider and younger audience through composers like Ludovico Einaudi and Max Richter. But it is important to know the history and work with the amazing music of Simeon ten HoltGlass, Reich & Riley.


I will help you be aware of the interlocking mechanisms between your body and the instrument with a training I’ve tested in my daily practice as a professional touring musician. 


As a result I’ve developed a plan with group exercises and a specific repertoire. My classes are for violin, viola and cello students of all levels who wish to develop their own musical personality as well a solid technique.

With this program you'll learn that playing in an ensemble is easy... if you know how! 


What you'll learn

Master a solid technical foundation 

and get rid of bad old habits by understanding the fundamental principles of violin technique. Learn how to integrate your daily movements in the approach to the instrument. Bringing awareness and balance to your playing.


Ultimately, I want students to develop their own way of thinking and playing.  Students can get a sense of this early on during the lessons where I introduce and incorporate elements of improvisation to help develop creativity and self expression.

Develop your Critical Listening

In these lessons we will work on how to properly listen to what others are playing, in order to establish a musical dialogue.

Nurture a positive and encouraging inner critic

by understanding your thought process you will be able to optimise your playing. Many times your beliefs may hold you back from reaching your desired goals. This is the reason why it is important to address our limiting beliefs through the correct use of language.

Develop your own musical ideas

My main goal is that you learn the tools that will ultimately help you communicate emotions, musical ideas and develop your own musical personality. by simultaneously learning about music theory and history  you will be able to become independent and creative in your own practice. As a result you'll expand your musical influences and develop your creativity.


Watch me teaching a violin student

w/ Rob Landes

Watch this video to see how I teach new violin students